Confidential Inquiry/ Detection

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, businesses face numerous risks, including fraud, misconduct, and security breaches. At BEPPL, we specialize in providing comprehensive investigation and detection services to help organizations identify, mitigate, and prevent threats to their assets, reputation, and operations. Our team of experienced investigators and security professionals leverage advanced techniques and technologies to deliver actionable intelligence and actionable solutions that empower our clients to protect their interests effectively.

  • Investigation

    Thorough investigative services to uncover crucial information and insights tailored to specific needs.

  • Background Verification

    Comprehensive checks to verify the backgrounds of individuals, ensuring credibility and trustworthiness.

  • Due Diligence

    Detailed examination of business entities or individuals to assess risks and ensure informed decision-making.

  • Asset Tracing

    Track and trace assets to provide a comprehensive understanding of financial profiles.

  • Security and Stock Audit

    Ensure the security and integrity of stock through thorough audits, minimizing risks of loss or theft.

  • Overt and Covert Inquiry

    Conduct both overt and covert inquiries to gather information discreetly and effectively.

  • Market Investigation

    In-depth analysis of markets to gather valuable intelligence for strategic decision-making.

  • Online Research

    Utilize online resources for research to gather information relevant to investigations.

  • Enforcement for Brand

    Protect and enforce brand integrity through strategic measures and investigations.

  • Anti-Privacy Campaign

    Implement campaigns to counter privacy infringements and protect sensitive information.

  • Mystery Shopping

    Evaluate and enhance customer experiences by conducting mystery shopping exercises.

  • Fraud and Theft Investigation

    Specialized investigations to uncover and address instances of fraud and theft within organizations.

  • Business Crime

    Investigate and address white-collar crimes, safeguarding businesses from financial loss.

  • Person Investigation

    Thorough investigations into individuals to gather information for various purposes.

  • Competitor Investigation

    Analyze competitor activities to gain a competitive edge and strategic advantage.

  • Shadowing/Tailing

    Covert surveillance to shadow or tail individuals for investigative purposes.

  • Pre-Post Employee Verification

    Ensure the credibility of employees through comprehensive pre and post-employment verifications

  • Criminal Record Verification

    Verify criminal records to assess potential risks and ensure a secure working environment.

  • Information on Property

    Gather information related to property for informed decision-making and risk assessment.